Automate your manual monitoring of farrowing sows, giving one extra surviving piglet per litter and better animal welfare.

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We are committed making it easy, to save more piglets for our customers.

Animal Welfare
With constant monitoring and farrowing assistance in time, animal welfare will be lifted and fewer piglets will be strangled during farrowing.

PorcoVision offers a way to increase the turnover of live-born piglets, as well as save time on farrow monitoring.

CO2 Footprint
Resources must be used wisely and to the fullest. By increasing the number of live-born piglets, CO2 emissions are minimized.

Better Workflow
The system contributes to greater efficiency in the stable by minimizing the time spent on manual monitoring and creates confidence among staff.

Cameras made to last.

A system from PorcoVision consists of cameras mounted in the ceiling above the farrowing pens. Intelligent computer vision is used to analyze all upcoming farrowings. When a newborn piglet is detected, the stable worker receives a notification containing the location of the sow and a video. Jysk IT or DLG Connect perform the installation of cameras.

Decades of pig breeding experience, assembled into one platform.

About PorcoVision

We are an AI-Tech company based in Odense, and we believe in the power of data. Our vision is to enable farmers to take advantage of the enormous amount of data in the pig stables, to support and improve production management and animal welfare.

The company was founded in 2017, when the team of Christian Rasmussen, Christian Moeslund and Christine Lundby came together to solve a significant problem in the pig industry.
Several years before, a header from a farm magazine stated that; three million piglets are stillborn every year due to farrowing complications. This got Christine to wonder, “why are so many piglets stillborn, and why are there no solutions to solve the problem?”
The team quickly started to develop ideas to fix the problem. Since then, we have worked hard to achieve our goal of providing pig farmers with a tool to lower the piglet mortality.

The team behind PorcoVision has excellent experience within computer vision, AI, and business development.


PorcoVision enables farmers to save million of piglets by using AI in pig productions. Our product improves animal welfare, increases the revenue for the farmers, and lowers the carbon footprint of the meat production.

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Intelligent monitoring, made to save piglets.

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